Adoption Counselling

What is Infertility or Adoption Counseling?

When it comes to infertility, couples often go to great lengths to try to cure or remove the infertility entirely. In some cases, this is impossible. While most people tend to assume that this should not be a big deal, the fact is that psychologically it can be devastating, even when the determined resolution is that they will adopt a child. Infertility or adopting counseling recognizes the difficulties, trauma, and emotional pain involved with these issues, and it is strongly recommended for individuals going through either process or both.

In handling infertility or adoption counseling, the therapist typically looks to the patient and her ability to cope, both externally and internally. It is not uncommon for infertility to result in other illnesses such as depression and anxiety disorders as the parents are likely to blame themselves. These issues are not relieved by other options such as adoption. In fact, they can sometimes become even worse, particularly as the natural self doubts of parenting become stronger. Counseling is also recommended for dealing with adoption in general as working with a blended family can be particularly difficult, especially if the child is adopted from a foreign country.

Methods Typically Used in Therapy for Infertility or Adoption Counseling

Talk therapy is the primary method for dealing with infertility or adoption counseling at the beginning point. Some component of behavioral modification may be implemented, particularly if the parents start attempting to punish themselves for their inability to have children naturally. In adoption counseling, the therapy often extends to tactics and situations focused on bringing the new family together and developing the bonds.

Methods of treatment also include handling the negative behaviors and defense mechanisms developed in response to the infertility and adopt process. Hypnosis is not as popular in this area of therapy, although anti-anxiety and anti-depression medications are.

Reasons for Hiring a Therapist

Infertility or adoption issues are not necessarily indicators that you need to hire a therapist. However, individuals who start to notice depression, anxiety, impulse control, and other similar negative behaviors will need to seek out a therapist. It cannot hurt to meet with one if you are struggling with negative feelings relating to the situation. In fact, some infertility centers and adoption agencies actually require a certain number of meetings with a therapist to ensure that you are all right.

You will definitely want to hire a therapist if you notice destructive behaviors developing along with depression, anxiety attacks, and similar disorders. Treatment is most effective and faster when caught early as the behaviors do not have time to cement themselves. You should also watch your spouse in this situation as it may be easier to see the warning signs in another person than in yourself.

What to Look for in a Therapist

An infertility or adoption counselor will need to be either a family therapist who specializes in infertility or adoption or a personal relationship therapist for the best results. In most cases, it works best to work with a therapist with whom you can relate to. According to the Mayo Clinic, women are more likely to suffer from psychological issues relating to infertility, and so a woman counselor is often a better choice, particularly one who has been there.

You will want a therapist with whom you feel comfortable and whom you trust. If you are there for adoption related issues, then the state or the adoption agency may have chosen the therapist for you. If this therapist does not work, you can often request a new one, though you will need to be precise in your reasons.

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